Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of April 8th-12th

Week in Review...April 1st-5th

I can honestly say that this week was a real whirlwind! Due to 4th and 5th graders taking STAAR tests, we had move rooms for two days..It was interesting to say the least. But the students were so flexible and helpful in moving down the materials we needed. They are such a great bunch of kids! We will have to move downstairs again during the last week of April when 3rd grade takes their STAAR tests.

Please keep me posted on your student's sport events during the spring. I would love to come and watch, although I am busy with my daughter's softball schedule. I love to watch sports, so let me know and hopefully I can make it!

8 weeks left!!!! It has gone by so fast!

What We Will Be Learning About This Week....`

Math: The focus this week will be a measurement, including area and length. Students will identify concrete models that approximate standard units of length, and select a non-standard unit of measurement such as a square tile to determine the area of a 2D surface. Students will be problem solving daily as they relate concepts to everyday life experiences. Later in the week students will be completing a guided spiraling sheet and an individual spiraling sheet.

Science: The spotlight in science will be plant characteristics and food chains. Students will observe, record, and compare how the physical characteristics of a plant help them meet their basic needs. Students will study animals by comparing and giving examples of how living organisms depend on each other and their environments (food chain). We will be doing several hands on activities to demonstrate these concepts.

Reading: The big idea in reading will be electronic media literacy. Students will use comprehension skills to analyze how words, images, graphics, and sounds work together in various forms to impact meaning. Students will also recognize different purposes of media (informational vs entertainment). Students will be using sites provided to complete a scavenger hunt and filling out our media literacy questionnaire.

Writing: In writing students will be working on persuasive letters to YOU (mom and dad).

Spotlight Stallion

Our Spotlight Stallion for this coming week is Ethan! Way to go Ethan, we are proud of all your hard work. We cannot wait to hear about your adventures with Peter.


Sommer Elementary has the honor to cheer on the wounded warriors with Ride2Recovery as they make their way from San Antonio to Arlington. On Wednesday, April 10 these wounded warriors will be passing by our school. To show our support the students are encouraged to wear red, white and/or blue and can make a poster/sign at home encouraging these veterans. Each student will be provided with a small flag to wave as the cyclists pass by. This is something you and the community are invited to attend as well! Here is a link to learn more:


Monday April 8th...Homework Due

Tuesday April 9th...Dr. Seuss Literacy Night at 6:00 pm (I will be reading!!)

Wednesday April 10th...Wear red, white, and blue for Ride2Recovery

Friday April 12th....Bring Library Books

Wednesday April 24th....Spencer's Birthday


Just as a reminder, all homework is due on Mondays unless otherwise notified. Every day your child's work is late, he/she will give me a five-minute think time at recess. They are welcome to bring the work to complete during that time. If no homework is returned at all, then they will sit out for the duration of Friday Freetime and complete the work.

There are only 6 weeks left of homework! Hang in there!

Animoto Zoo Commercial

On Friday, April 5th, our class created a commercial advertising the Austin Zoo! We used a program called Animoto to make our ads. I will send them out via email on the 5th. I will also put them on my website so you can view them there. Happy viewing and congratulate your awesome advertiser!