4th Grade's January Newsletter

Thank You!

The Fourth Grade teachers would like to express their thanks for all of the donations that were sent in for the holiday parties. The children had a wonderful time and we enjoyed spending that time with them. We would like to wish you a safe and happy 2021!


Please make sure that your child dresses for the weather. We go outside for recess on many winter days. Hats and gloves are needed. Please make sure that all of your child’s outerwear is labeled with a name or initials.


In Reading we continue to find out about Jack in Love That Dog. We are learning to love poetry! Areas that we are working on include theme, describe a character and how the character changes throughout the story, main idea and details and making inferences. We are increasing our understanding of poetry elements also as we continue to read and be inspired by American poets.


We continue to take notes on the articles about spices and their importance in history. Students will take these notes and turn them into excellent articles about how spices have been used, how they created power for certain countries and empires, and how spices have been significant for trade and business over the years.


Fractions, Fractions Everywhere!!! The fourth grade is continuing to work on Fractions. Most recently we have been defining and identifying equivalent fractions. Next week we will be comparing and ordering fractions. Having your child help you bake is a great way to help reinforce fraction skills!

Social Studies

In Social Studies, we looked closely at the earliest colonies in the New World. We read about St. Augustine, Plymouth, Jamestown and St. Mary’s City. We determined the factors that made these colonies successful and then students used what they learned to design their own colonies. They had fun with this and it was a fantastic way for them to show what they learned about successful colonies! Students have also started to read about religious conflicts that started to arise in the new Maryland colony.


17 – MLK Holiday (No School)

25 – Early Dismissal (End of Quarter)

26 – No School for Students