Underground Railroad

The Northern Route to Freedom

What is the Underground Railroad? Why use it?

The Underground Railroad a secret route that begins in the the black belt of the South that runs to the North.

All the slaves want to escape the "peculiar institution"; the sun-up to sun-down back breaking work, the floggings given by the overseers, the fear of having family members sold off to other farms, the oppressive feeling of being labeled a "darkie".

The Underground Railroad offers a path to freedom. Unlike uprising such as the ones led by Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner, the Underground railroad has resulted in the obtainment of freedom.

From Kentucky to Canada

Tuesday, Nov. 5th 1850 at 9pm



  • Any Kentucky Plantation - Fleeing North
Use the North Star, moss on trees, migrating birds to determine the north.


Stopping points:

  • Ohio River -
Crossing this river is crossing into the land of the free states, but this does not mean you should relax, because people can still turn you in.
  • Cleveland -
From here you must cross the Great Lakes into Canada, where the chains of slavery cannot reach.


  • Canada -
A new life of freedom awaits, you will not be labeled a fugitive, nor can you be enslaved again.

Beware of and Avoid

Dogs -

Wade the streams to throw off your scent.

Walking Alone -

Avoid being seen; travel at night. You may be labeled as a fugitive, and authorities may be alerted.

Assistance -

Safe Houses/Stationmasters -

These brave people provide assistance to you. They will shelter, feed and hide you.

John Rankin of Ripley, Ohio is a famous station master.