People who Persevered

By Ellie Cast


People always have a hard time in life. They struggle because they can't do it because they may have no limbs, or they don't have perseverance. I am going to name some people who have been through adversities but have, conquered them by perseverance.

Nick Vujicic and Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway and Nick Vujicic have a couple of things in common. For example they both lost a limb. Nick lost both arms and legs, and Noah lost one arm and one leg. They became successful later when Noah went on Dancing With The Stars and came in third place. Nick is a motivational speaker to kids. Unfortunately Nick was born with no limbs and Noah got injured during the Iraq War and lost one arm and one leg.

Jim Valvano

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Problem and Solution

In the book "I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade", the character Oyuna has the problem of losing her horse Bayan to the soldiers. She loves that horse so much she only had one thing to do. She had to dress up like a boy to stay with Bayan. She left her family to stay with her horse. Oyuna doesn't want to lose her horse since she knows that Bayan is special to her.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had a chance of a lifetime to play for the major league baseball at the Brooklyn Dodgers. Robinson wanted to go but he didn't want to leave his team and coach. Jackie also did not want to go since he knew that other people will treat him badly. He was African American and back then people treat Africans bad. If he did go to the Dodgers the players will hit the ball at him in the head, smack talk about him and physically beat him. Jackie took that chance and became a legend in baseball.
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