Manuel Noriega

The Dictator of Panama

Essential Question: How has Manuel Noriega effected America through his actions in Panama?


Manuel Noriega was born on February 11th 1938. After graduating high school, he could not afford medical school so he accepted a scholarship into Peru's Military School of Chorrios. He was elected in 1984 after the past leader, Torrijos was killed in a suspicious plane crash. His people were furious when he destroyed the democracy in the country. He was an intelligence officer, general, and the dictator of the country before the United States removed him in 1989. He was convicted by the United States for drug trafficking in 1992.

His Characteristics

Noriega was a very intelligent man in ways of persuading people into voting for him and following his orders. He also had great public speaking skills and knew how to get people to like him.


Downfall of Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega

Video Analysis

This video states that due to Noriega's dictatorship, he used drug trafficking to earn money for himself which didn't make the United States happy. The USA invaded Panama to take out Manuel Noriega to end the drug trafficking into the United States and end his dictatorship.

Letter from the United States of America to Manuel Noriega (Creative piece)

Dear President Noriega,

It has come to our attention from anonymous resources that you have been trafficking drugs through the Americas into the United States of America. We have a compromise to settle these allegations. You will either stop trafficking drugs to our country or we will do one of these things:

  • Create an embargo against Panama
  • Remove all health and military aid
  • Invade Panama

You may choose where your countries future goes. This is an urgent event and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.


President of the United States, George H. W. Bush

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