Rebel Without a Cause

Alison Lohaus English 11

Plato's Traits

The first trait of his is how he is an outcast and is antisocial. Plato has no friends, and you can see this because he never has anybody around him and he claims it is hard to make friends. Plato's second trait is he is lonely because he is desperate for companionship. In the movie, he claims Jim is his best friend, even though they only met that same morning. Plato also looks to Jim as his father-figure because he does not have one. More evidence of his loneliness is he insists Jim to come over and, when he doesn't, he writes down Jim's address.

Why Plato is a rebel WITH a cause

All Plato wants is to have a family he can depend on. This is obvious when he adopts Judy and Jim as his parental figures. He wants somebody he can trust, seeing as he can't trust his own mother to ever be home or trust his own father to even be in his life. Plato shows his pain by also shooting puppies. He does this because he doesn't want them to be in a world that will inevitably hurt them.

Plato's changes?

He did not change as much as the other two characters did. Plato's change was more or less an internal change: the coat is symbolic of his change. At the beginning of the movie, Plato refused to take Jim's jacket. However, by the end, Plato trusts Jim enough to take his jacket when he is cold.

Plato's mismatched socks

Jim found it humorous that Plato has two differently colored socks. The audience knows exactly why his socks are mismatched, however. His mismatched socks represent a life of chaos and things that do not add up quite right. Plato's life has never been in order, so he cannot even manage to have a pair of matched, black socks.

The Movie's Main Lesson

Everybody has a cause. No matter how small, everybody has a reason of doing what they do. For Plato, he wanted to be loved and have somebody he can trust, Jim and Judy, however, had daddy issues. Everybody has their reasons, you just have to dig deep enough to find what those reasons/causes are.

How Jim's jacket is Symbolic

At the beginning of the movie, Jim tries to give Plato his jacket because Plato is cold, but Plato refuses. Throughout the movie, Jim and Plato become closer and a level of trust build between them. That is what the jacket symbolizes, the trust Plato has for Jim by the end of the movie.