Mrs. White's Kindergarten News

January 16, 2015

Happy Friday!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! It was nice to (almost) have a full week of school. Thankfully it is starting to warm-up outside. The kids were really excited about being able to go outside for recess today! Please remember to make sure your kiddo is dressed appropriately for the weather. We will be going outside as long as the temp is above 20 degrees. If there is snow on the ground, students are only allowed to play in it if they have snow boots. The sidewalks and playground are usually clear for children without boots.

100's Day: This day will be celebrated on Thursday of next week. Please be sure to check the orange folder this weekend to see the information regarding our 100's Day project. Each child will be creating a collection of 100 objects (all the same). They will then be using the paper sent home to write down clues to help the class try and guess what is in the bag. The clues have to be created using their 5 senses!!! If you did not receive this handout, please let me know!!! Every child needs to participate. Projects are due on Wed. but can be sent to school before that if they are finished! Please let me know if you have any questions.

Important Dates

January 19th: No School/MLK Jr. Day

January 20th: Rise Above the Mark presentation 6-8pm at CHS

January 22nd: 100th Day of School (if you signed up for a snack please send in by Tues.)

January 23rd: Spirit Day-Dress Like a Teacher Day

January 28th: Body Safety Presentation

Classroom Update:

Reading: We will be starting Unit 6, It's Our Town. Our big question for this unit will be: How are communities different? We will be looking at where people live and how they get around out town and neighborhoods. Through our shared and guided reading, we will be reading about neighborhoods. Our comprehension focus for the week will be identifying plot using the details from the story. Students should be able to recall the main ideas from the beginning, middle and end of stories.

Word Work:

Letter of the Week: Ee

Phonics Skill: Identifying final sounds/review middle sounds

Sight Word: have

Vocabulary: place

Writing: This week we focused more on shared writing as a class. We took our weather and season theme and are now writing about how weather changes during the different seasons. We are working on making sure we have good sentence structure.

I am in the process of putting their writing from 1st semester together so that I can send it home.

Science: This week we learned all about our 5 senses. We had many fun sensory activities that we completed in the classroom. To finish this unit, each child will be creating a 100's Day collection. There is a note coming home about this project in tonight's folder.