Andrew Jackson: Hero or Zero??

Is Andrew J. a President for the people, or becoming a king?

Jackson's Presidential Events

Andrew Jackson Political Cartoon

In the cartoon below, it shows Andrew Jackson sitting on a pig that has money signs all over it. This is depicting the Spoils system. This system was that he would fire people with jobs in the office, and replace them with people he believed to have helped get him to Presidency. This didn't work out so well, as most of these new workers had absolutely no clue what they were doing in these job positions.
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We interviewed the Cherokee Leader about the Worcester vs. Georgia case, and he said, "We absolutely despise of President Jackson! First we were on good terms with the Supreme Court, and we still are, but then Jackson unconstitutionally sent in the Military, against the regulations of the Supreme Court, and kicked us out! Can you believe that? President Jackson deserves to be taken out of office for what he did!"
We also interviewed a Southerner about the "Trail of Tears" and he said, "I'm super happy that the President moved the Natives. Before that, we were in a tiny house that was about to fall over, with no land to farm on. But now that the Natives are gone, we can move to Georgia and get tons of farming land for dirt cheap, and maybe even find gold! We appreciate President Jackson much more now!"