Secunderabad Parliamentary Election

Wednesday, 30th April 2014

Amer Ali Khan - Ready to represent and serve every community across Secunderabad

  • A professional in Journalism with experience from a career outside politics as Editor of Siasat Urdu Daily.
  • As a dedicated public servant, I will listen to the community.

  • I was born, brought up and educated in Hyderabad and have lived all my life in the Secunderabad constituency.

  • Being in Journalism for over 20 years, I am totally aware of the problems this constituency and people face.

  • Having travelled widely throughout the world with our Prime Ministers and a President as a part of their Media Delegation, I have had a chance to learn about different countries and how we can work towards improving our infrastructure and developing facilities that can help the residents of my constituency.

  • I am a family man, who values integrity and trust. I will want to make Secunderabad a better place for everyone.

As your local MP, I would:

  • Be accessible to all constituents everyday
  • Create jobs through the government
  • Champion local issues and represent them through my office to the Government
  • Defend and protect my constituents
  • Regulate the unfair policing system
  • Live in the constituency with my family. I would be proud to remain in my family home in Secunderabad.

I am open for discussion on all the above points and share my plans on how to make the above work.




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Wednesday, April 30th 2014 at 7am

Voting centres across Secunderabad constituency