Chimpanzee Smart or Not Smart?

You Decide

Chimpanzee Are Like Humans

Chimpanzees are like humans. Chimpanzee use plants as medicine when they feel sick they are the same plants that people use. (pg. 5) They can look at look at themselves and know who it is. (pg. 4) Their thumbs help them pick up things like humans thumbs do. (pg. 7) They also use tools in the wild and make those tools. (pg. 4/7)

Chimpanzee Communities

Chimpanzee’s communities. Chimpanzees fight over who will be leader. But chimpanzees groom each other to get dirt and bugs out of their hair to keep peace. (pg. 11) An angry chimpanzee will stand on his 2 legs and wave his arms. They can also community by making facial expressions and by sounds.

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Using Tools

Using tools. Chimpanzee use long pieces of grass to fish for bugs underwater. They also will use leaves to wipe their mouth and bottoms. In 2007 scientist seen a chimpanzee making a hunting spear by shaping then end of a stick into a point. But the older chimpanzees teach the younger ones how to use those tools. (pg. 16)

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Sign Language

Sign language. When Jane Goodall was studying chimpanzee she taught one sign language to communicate with people. A chimpanzee Washoe learned more than 200 signs. She even taught other chimpanzees. (pg. 19)