Mrs. Clemen's Life Skills Class

November News


We like to do laundry. We do it on Thursdays. We wash, dry and fold the towels. Then we have clean towels to wash our dishes from making our recipes.

New Job!

We have a new job. It is for Medical Associates. We have to put flyers, a CD, a magnet, and papers in a big folder that has a picture of a baby on the front. When we are all done with them, someone from Medical Associates comes to pick them up. They use the folders for new patients. We like to help them out.

Community Mobility

We only had two outings this month. We went to Target and HyVee. We took turns picking the ingredients for our recipes.

Recipes this Month!

We made four great recipes this month. We made frosted cookies, banana split, french fries, and fruit salad.

Upcoming Events

Dec. 4th Wal-Mart

Dec. 5th Camp Courageous

December 11th Early Dismissal

Dec. 18th Target

Dec. 23rd- Jan. 1 No School