What's Happening in Room 5?

Home Stretch!

Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that we have only 10 more days of first grade! I will truly miss all of my students and I fell blessed to have taught them this year! We have so many different personalities in our room. They are a tight knit group and support one another in a sweet way!

It's review time! We will complete a Fiction and Nonfiction reading and comprehension assessment this week. We are reviewing math skills from this whole year and we are finishing up with maps and geography in Social Studies and we will discuss Force and Motion in Science.

You can see on the June calendar that we have two end of the year parties no the last days of school. On Thursday, June 16 we will have our water and pizza party at first grade teacher, Susan Anderson's house. A permission slip went home about it on Friday. On the last day of school, Friday, June 17 we will have an early dismissal day and we will eat lunch in the room or have a picnic lunch then we will have an ice cream celebration.

I told you earlier that I will be making a grade level change next year! I have taught first grade in room 5 for eighteen years! I will be teaching kindergarten next year in the kindergarten hallway across from the library! I want my current students to visit me often!

The only homework for June is to read. I have some books in my classroom that I will be giving away so if students come home with books, they are from me. I will write your child's name on the inside cover so you will know it's from me and does not need to be returned. Please have your child continue to bring folders to school each day even if we don't have much homework. I check folders daily.

I highly recommend reading and writing over the summer! When my boys were in elementary I would get a big workbook from Walmart , Target or Sams club and have them do a few pages a week to keep up skills. Many students love to write and a summer journal is a good idea too! I know there are many educational websites with fun learning activities as well. The public library and Barnes and Nobles has summer reading program for students!

I hope you have a safe and happy summer! My family will be traveling to Clayton GA to our very rustic mountain house built by my ancestors in the 1820s!! We go for a week. There is not cell service, internet or TV. I loved to get "uplugged" for a little while.

If you need to contact me over the summer for any reason, I check my school email frequently,

I want to that Mrs. Kelly Lewis for being our room mother this school year! We have loved having her be part of our class this year. We will miss the Lewis family as they move to NJ this summer!

Again thank you for sharing your precious children with me this year!


Mrs. Lisa Miller