The followers of Christiany are called christins. There key beliefs are prayer,that is when you pray to the gods.There are also a Sabbath,which means day of rest, and the day of rest is sunday that is when they go to church. The third is,The Father,son-jesus christ, Holy. Next is spirt,Spirt means,the spirt of the holy sprit.There traditions are when a baby is born, they baptize they put water on there head, somtimes on rare occasions if the child is older, then they will be put in an ice bath. By doing this they are marking christian's entrance into church. Another tradition is Holly communion. That is when they share bread and wine to remember jesus's last supper. For christians Jerislaem holy sites include the church of holy sepulchreof Jesus crusifiction. There worship leader is Jesus christ. There holy book is the Bible. It is the story of jesus' life and teachings. There holy days/holidays are christmas,that is when jesus birthday,and Easter is when they celebrates sacrificial death and resurrection of christ which allows believers to live with God eternally in Heaven. Some of there Holly cities are Jerusalem, that is where Jesus was born. There is a church, that is where they go to pray on sundays, which is also called Sabbath which means day of rest. Each religion has its own God, but they all have something in common. All of the religions believe in Abraham.