Jackson's Presidency Events

Nullification Crisis

Southern states, especially South Carolina, decided to completely ignore, or nullify, tariffs placed on imported goods. Eventually the force bill was passed, which allowed Jackson to use the military to force states to pay the taxes.South Carolina eventually agreed to pay the tariffs, with a catch. They demanded that the taxes be lowered and a compromise was made.

Killing the National Bank

Jackson told the poor people that the national bank was making them poor. He did this to destroy or "kill" the national bank. While he claimed it was for the good of the country, his primary motive was to ruin the man in charge of the national bank, Nicholas Biddle, as Jackson had a personal dispute with him. This sent the USA into the worst economical depression until the Great Depression.

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson aimed to move the Native Americans, including the Cherokee, for the good of the country. His "Indian Removal Policy" allowed him to do so. He forced the Cherokee to move to reservations in present day Oklahoma. The results were devastating, as many of the natives were killed or harmed due to harsh conditions.
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This picture represents the kind of approach that president Jackson had to political matters. He was a "My way or the highway" type of guy. For example, when he completely ignored the Supreme Court's ruling to allow the Cherokee nation to stay, and ended forcing them to move anyways; after all, he has the military...
The Andrew Jackson Song

Letter From a Cherokee (negative)

I hear that people are rising up against your cruel ways in South Carolina. I hope they destroy you for what you've done to us, like killing so many of our people. Even the Judge said we were our own country, and still you made us move, which resulted in so many deaths. I also hear that you did away with common currency, but it has ruined you're economy, maybe, you'll all leave and things can return to the way they were before. Why can't we just share this land?

Letter from Plantation Owner (positive)

YES, down with the national bank! It was making us poor and you has rid this country of it. Those tariffs you placed on some goods are too high, but I believe we will come to a compromise; you are a good man. I'm no rich man, but now I can vote! How wonderful! It is unfortunate that all of those natives died but I know you did what was best for the country by moving them.