By: Douth, Jo, Josh, and O

What is Socialism?

  • Government ownership of productive resources
  • Redistribution of income
  • Social welfare rather than private profit
  • Peaceful and democratic revolution
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Advantages of Socialism

  • Greater efficiency
  • Greater welfare
  • Absence of monopolistic practices
  • Absence of business fluctuation
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Disadvantages of Socialism

  • Elimination of individualism
  • Red-Tapism (going through a lot of steps to get something done) and inefficiency
  • An artificial system (planned economy)
  • Consumers suffer
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Viability of Socialism

Living in the Socialism economy is viable because it's more practical than communism because you can transition into socialism. It creates more social welfare than capitalism because there is no profit motive. Jobs are usually provided for the citizens. Like during The Great Depression Roosevelt started the Civilian Conservation Corps which allowed jobs to be much easier to get in the falling economy. Homes don't go through Red-Taping which allows poor families to have access to better homes.

Bernie explanation

Bernie Sanders explains why he is a Democratic Socialist and reveals that the United States grip on capitalism is not a good one but instead a detrimental one. Capitalism drives neoliberalism which only incentives exploitation and oppression. He explains that the youth can shape politics and affirm a more inclusive United States where everybody gets a voice, where so few should not have so much, and so much should not have so few.
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