Gilded Age

Alden Randall


Who: John Pierpont Morgan was an American banker and financier.

What: He made his company one of the leading financial firms.

When: He helped take care of the depression of 1895 and the financial crisis of 1907.

Where: J.P.Morgan started his first bank in New York City.

Why: Morgan is important because, he helped carve the path oft future bankers.

Citation: J.P.Morgan

Thomas Alva Edison

Who: Thomas Edison was an inventor who patented over 1000 inventions.

What: Edison made the electric light bulb the motion picture camera and a bunch of other things too.

When: Edison made the electric light bulb in 1879.

Where: Edison set up his lab in Menlo park.

Why: Edison made his inventions to help the world.

Citation: Thomas Edison

Hay market Riot

Who: Workers struck at the McCormick harvesting Machine Company.

What: during the riot a bomb was thrown into the crowd and over 100 people were hurt.

When: It happened in Spring 1886 May 4.

Where: It happened at McCormick harvesting machine company in Chicago.

Why: The workers were trying to get less hours and better pay.

Citation: Robert McNamara The 1886 Hay Market square riot in Chicago

The Railroads effect on Native Americans

Who: Pawnee,Sioux,Cheyenne,and Arapahoe were some of the tribes effected by the UP.
What: The tribes fought against the UP for their land.
When: The UP started the conflict on December 2 1863.
Where: The UP went through western Indian Territory.
Why: The Natives Had been There forever and it was sacred land so, why should they give it up.
Citation: Toni Lee Robinson Rails across America Mrs. Carlisle's Moodle Site