Jim Abbott

By: Katie Dobmeier

Jim Abbott 6pm

Who is Jim Abbott?

Jim Abbott is a baseball player, but he does not have a right hand. Jim is a one-handed wonder. (Below)

Where was he born?

Jim Abbott was born in Flint,MI. Jim was born in Sep. 19, 1967.
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Bio Poem


Born in Flint, Michigan

Lived in Flint, Michigan

Worked as a baseball player

Who is kind, caring, and focused

Who loves his family, friends, and baseball

Who fears not being able to play baseball

Who gives to charities


This is Jim now. (Below)

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Jim Abbott explains his journey to becoming MLB starting pitcher | SI Now

Backround Imformation.

Jim Abbott is one of the greatest baseball pitchers in the U.S.A. Jim was born without a right hand. When he was born his parents were not sad that he did not have a right hand. When Jim got older he started playing baseball, football, and basketball. He mom and dad were hoping he would play a hand off sport like soccer, but instead he played hands on sports. Jim Abbott has won a gold medal in the Olympics.


Jim has many accomplishments like he has won a gold metal in the Olympics for pitching. Also he has gotten one of the most hard to earn awards in the world, the amateur athlete award. He is one of the luckiest people in the world to earn this award.


The major difficulty for Jim was not having a right hand, but it did not stop him from reaching for his dreams. another thing Jim had a hard time with is that when he was young he was bullied because he had a claw like prostetic and kids called him names. So Jim stoped wearing the prostetic because of the bullying.

Personal qualities.

Jim is a very loving person. He loves his family. Also he is kind, caring, helpful to charities (he also raises money for charities), and he supports his fans. Jim is a handsome person even though he has no right hand. He is kind of tall and even thought he has one hand many people adore him.


Jim is very inspiring to people because he makes them reach for their goals, because most of his fans at his games have a disability. He is a the kind of person you want in your life. Jim is still alive.
"Jim Abbott" "New York Yankees" "No-Hitter!"