Welcome to Fourth Grade

A look into how we learn differently

Trapped on an Escalator

A new direction to learning- and we don't have to get stuck on the escalator

We have been exploring ways to learn differently for the past several years with technology. Yes, this may be new to most of us; devices in the classroom, learning to maneuver around new social medias and educational platforms, but we still have a vision of experiential and place-based learning through incorporating the outdoors and community resources. Now we can access much of this information easier, collaborate with others more often and create something special!

The basics of preparing a 4th grader over the summer

  • Math facts
  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Writing/drawing in a journal

Home Base for the School Year

Use Google Classroom as a beginning place to check in daily. Your child will have to log on and walk you through daily tasks. There will also be screencasts for each week. Ask them to show you one!

The Boot Camp of Platforms

Guaranteed to be innovative, fun and help us learn differently!

PLaces to share our tasks and presentations differently

A couple of more places to help us with our daily and weekly tasks in fourth grade

Frequently Asked Questions...Answered!

Every couple months I will have a technology open house to help families adjust to our new and unique learning opportunities. And always feel free to call, email, text, Hangout or stop in and we can chat old-school style person to person!

Classroom Philosophy

Our classroom is unique in that we try blending technology with project based learning and outdoor classroom expeditions to create an authentic learning atmosphere. We are not so much into memorizing facts, but instead, we try to learn how to remember and access our facts both in our memory and using a multitude of resources.

We start by learning what it means to think. First we define what it means to think then we use those skills (reflection, asking questions, creating mental pictures, changing our perspective, and making connections) to learn core ideas, understand fundamental principles, and then apply those new skills and the old ones to problem solve. We also can't stress enough how important it is to find the courage to make mistakes in order to gain success, it's ok and we encourage students to make mistakes; that's called learning. We do all of this in a collaborative and creative way using basic and high tech communication skills and by recognizing that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves.

At the same time we must stay true to the traditions of math, writing, connecting to the outdoors, human interaction and basic communication skills. Creativity is the eternal artery to inspire authentic learning, by making thinking visible, tapping into internal motivation and active engagement, and building strong character. We will do this by establishing social and learning communities within the classroom and exploring local natural resources.

Learning is a process. Thus, scores are based around students following the process of learning not always the success of learning.