Welcome back to St James’ Term 2

Dear Family/Whānau

Welcome back to learning at St James’ in Term 2. I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather with your family and keeping well.

As you will be aware, the government has moved the country into the orange traffic light system to help safeguard us from Covid-19. I would like to give you an update on what orange will mean for our school.

Although facemasks are no longer required in the classroom, we are following public health advice at Orange, masks remain an important tool to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and public health strongly encourage their continued use.

We will be encouraging staff and year 4-6 students to continue wearing masks indoors at school.

Some families have enjoyed the increasing independence their children have gained by being dropped off at the gate in the mornings. I will be continuing to support you to drop your child at the gate, however, families are now welcome to pop into classes before or after school. We request that all visitors on site respect our decision to wear masks indoors.

As always we thank you for your vigilance in keeping your child at home when they are unwell.

I wish to thank you all during term 1 for supporting us to keep our St James’ community so well.

I especially thank my colleagues, the staff at St James’, for their perseverance and hard work to maintain health procedures under the red light guidelines. We were indeed fortunate to have been one of the least affected schools in Palmerston North.

Mrs Sue Lewis has agreed to teach Learning Space 6 for term 2. We are very grateful to Sue for supporting our learners in this way. Sue is a familiar face around St James’ Catholic School and worked with many in Learning Space 7-10 last year. She had been visiting the Learning Space at the end of last term and I am confident the transition for the children will be smooth. Sue will be contactable s.lewis@stjamescatholic.school.nz.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Term 2 Monday morning.

God bless you all