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What Our Lions are Learning

6th Grade

Our Swann sixth graders are studying decimals in their Math classes and plate tectonics in their Science classes. They are reading adventure texts in their ELA classes and exploring ancient Greece in Social Studies.

7th Grade

Our Swann seventh graders are working with expressions and equations in Math and genetics in Science. They are reading mystery texts in ELA and learning about WWI from the European perspective in Social Studies.

8th Grade

Our Swann eighth graders are working on expressions and equations in Math and microorganisms in Science. They are reading science fiction texts in ELA and learning about WWI from the American perspective in Social Studies.

Classroom Spotlight

Mr. Davis's sixth graders are learning how to format and write a letter in their ELA classes. They wrote letters to Mr. Davis describing their perfect day at school and peer edited them to make sure they had included all the parts.

STEM Stories

Last week, Ms. Figueroa's sixth grade physicists explored viscosity by racing liquids down a slope. They timed how long it took different liquids to descend the track and then experimented with temperature to see how that variable affected the liquids' speed and thus, their viscosity.

Encore Corner

Meet Our Staff

For the 2021-2022 school year, I am the counselor for all 7th grade students and for 8th grade students with last names beginning with letters N-Z. My background includes seven years as a teacher serving the exceptional children population; an experience I credit for informing my view of disability- it is simply a different ability. I enjoy spending time with family, watching movies, and doing makeup. I am proud to be a Swann Lion and look forward to working with you. I have a student-first philosophy and believe all students can achieve academically. My foundational approach to working with students is creating a safe and nonjudgmental space that encourages holistic growth.

Wrestling Swann vs. Lincoln

Monday, Feb. 14th, 5pm

Swann Gym

Basketball Swann vs. Lincoln

Monday, Feb. 14th, 5pm

Lincoln Middle School