Wilson Disease

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What is it?

Wilson disease is a genetic disease that prevents the body from removing extra copper. Liver Disease is typically the initial feature of Wilson disease in affected children and young adults individuals diagnosed at older age usually do not have symptoms.Wilson Disease is particularly in liver,brain,and eyes.

what part of the body does it affect?

Wilson's Disease

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms may vary depending on the part of the body affected by the disease.

• Swelling in the liver or spleen

• Yellowing of skin and eyes or jaundice

• Fluid buildup mostly in legs and abdomen

• Fatigue

• Easily bruised

• Increased tendency of bleeding

• Portal hypertension

• Spider naevi

Treatments & Cures

Wilson's disease is not curable and requires treatment throughout the lifespan to prevent the build-up of excessive copper in the body. Can it be treated? Wilson disease is a very treatable condition. With proper therapy, disease progress can be halted and oftentimes symptoms can be improved. Treatment for Wilson disease is a lifelong process. Patients may become progressively sicker from day to day, so immediate treatment can be critical.