Jaiv Patel

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Who Am I ?

My name is Jaiv Patel and I am 15 years old. I'm a very friendly person and have a good sense of humor. My hobbies are playing sports, cooking food and playing games. I am deeply scared of a few things including dogs, going on scary rides and watching horror movies. I go to Louise Arbour Secondary School and I'm in Ms. Tran's Careers class. In grade 9 I was on the cricket team. Our team made it to the semi-finals but we didn't get to play after that because of the strike. This year I was on the volleyball team and I hope to join the cricket team soon. There is one quote that I strongly believe in which is "Carpe Diem". It means live each day to the fullest and I try to live each day as best as I can.

My Life Line

Getting my High Score in Cricket

This summer I got my high score at a cricket game and I was really happy about that . I also stayed not out throughout the game which was new for me because I usually always get out even after scoring a lot of runs. I scored 37 runs in about 15-20 balls. It was only 13 away from 50 and if I had more time, I'm sure I would made it to 50.

My Favourites

Leader as a Delegator

I feel that I am a leader as a delegator because I like to assign everyone their own part and then I collect their completed work and make the final product. I've been using this skill fora very long time without even knowing that I was using it but now since I know that I am a delegator, every time I use it again I will think back to careers class. I've used this skill countless times when doing a project with a group. I always break up the project into small chunks and assign each person their own role and tell them when to finish their part by. When they do finish it, I collect all the pieces of work and make one final project to hand in as a group.
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My Influences

I feel like the person that has most influenced me is my dad because I've learned so much from him. I feel like my personalty is a reflection of his in the sense that I think a lot like him and we share many of the same interests. I don't think I would be the same person I am today without his teachings and the way he raised me.
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My Friends

The friends that I grew up with have also influenced me and without their being I wouldn't be the same. My friends from Toronto, the ones I grew up with, the ones that I spent all my time with are truly very influential to me. I've lived amongst them for 10 years and over the course of the time, I've become very attached to them. I think that if you could meet my old friends, you would see a little bit of all of them in me. After I moved to Brampton, I don't really talk to them much but they still have a place in my heart and I will always remember them.
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My Role Model

My mom is someone who is very important to me in my life. She is the most caring, loving and compassionate person I know in my love and I am very grateful that I'm her son. My mom always supports me for anything and I know my mom is the one person that will love me no matter who I am. She teaches me to live life to the fullest and not to regret over the past. As loving as she is, she pushes me to be the best I can be and she is someone who really wants me to do my best and succeed at whatever I do. I cant imagine life without my mom and I love her from the bottom of my heart.
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Future Plans

I don't know what job I want when I'm older but I was thinking of becoming a chef. I researched the requirements to become a chef, the education level, pay and hours of work. After researching I wasn't very interested in it anymore because they have to work a pretty long shift and I don't want to work that long when I'm older, I want to work for about 8 hours and then come home and relax. That salary wasn't what I was expecting either. I was expecting a higher pay but I don't mind as it's the hours of work that worries me. I still enjoy cooking and I even took a cooking class to be a better cook and learn more recipes. To be a chef, you have to have to at least have your high school diploma and having post-secondary education isn't required, thought most chefs get some training after high school. Some chefs even acquire an Associate's degree or a Bachelor's in Culinary Arts or Food and Hotel Management. Even if you have an Bachelor's Degree, it doesn't mean that you'll get a decently paying job as a chef right off the bat. Usually new chefs are placed into Food Preparation, then as they become more experienced they can become an assistant chef and finally, with a lot of experience under your belt, you become the head chef.
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Family Symbols

Personalty Test Results

Knowledge : Physical Education

After doing this survey I have learned that my best area is Physical Education. I feel that this quiz was relatively accurate as I really like sports and wellness. My second subject area is math which is another subject that I really like so I do think this quiz was very accurate and it make me pretty good results.

Motivations: Working Conditions

In this survey I was asked questions about the conditions I would like to work in and what I would expect from my job. This survey was very accurate too because it said that I wanted to work at a high paying occupation that offers job security. this is true because I do want a high paying job when I'm older.

Interest Type: Developer

Doing this survey told me that I bring ideas to a more advanced state and develop further on the idea to make it successful. I feel that I make most of my ideas successful but I don't know if I bring it to a very advanced state. This survey also told me that my primary interest is realistic which I think is very accurate because I like to think of some things in a realistic way before doing them. However, at times I also act in a very impulsive way.

Learning Style: Kinesthetic Learner

This survey was about my learning types and how I prefer to learn. This survey was accurate because I feel that I do learn better by actually doing something instead of reading the procedures.

Personality Type: ESTP

This survey said that my personality type was active, outgoing and practical which are all true because the active part connects to my top subject which was physical education. Next, I feel that I'm an outgoing person because I like talking to people and I feel that I am very approachable. Finally, the practical part relates to my interest type because my primary interest is realistic. Practical and realistic is the same thing so I feel that this survey was very accurate.

Multiple Intelligences

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Section 1 – This reflects your Naturalist strength

Section 2 – This suggests your Musical strength

Section 3 – This indicates your Logical strength

Section 4 – This illustrates your Existential strength

Section 5 – This shows your Interpersonal strength

Section 6 – This tells your Kinesthetic strength

Section 7 – This indicates your Verbal strength

Section 8 – This reflects your Intrapersonal strength
Section 9 – This suggests your Visual strength

My strongest MI is Intrapersonal strength and it's the one that I got the highest mark on. I got 80 on that MI. Being strong in Intrapersonal means that you know your own strengths and your weaknesses. You may do and react to things depending on your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you know what motivates you do do stuff so you let your motivations be a big part of your life to accomplish things. this means finishing your homework early so you can play video games later or eating your vegetables so you can enjoy your dessert later. Next, you understand your feelings and you let your feelings play a very important role in your life. This means reflecting upon your thoughts and actions depending on your feelings. My next strongest MI was Body-Kinesthetic which means that I focus on the wellbeing of my body and I’m very active. Sports and proper nutrition play a very big part of your life. My third greatest strength is Interpersonal. This means that I am able to understand other people’s feelings and easily/ effectively communicate with them. I do feel like I can talk to many people and understand their feelings. Also, being interpersonal means that you can form relationships as well as maintain them. I also feel that I can create many relationships with many new people and keep them secure. There were many other strengths that were tied with Interpersonal such as Musical,Logical and Visual but I felt that Interpersonal was a greater strength of mine amongst the strengths tied with it.

I was pretty surprised about number one because I thought that Kinesthetic would be my greatest strength as I am very active, care deeply about my body and practice proper nutrition. I didn’t know if intrapersonal would be the strongest MI because I felt that I still had a lot to learn about myself and my feelings. Also, I was surprised about Musical being tied along with Interpersonal and Logical because i don't think that I am a very musically talented person or even enjoy playing any instruments. I do like listening to music but that’s it so I was surprised about it being one of the things tied for third.

Finally, after knowing my strongest MI I can let it to help me choose a career pathway that I am successful in. Also, knowing my MI can be help me become a better student because I know how I learn so I can adjust the work according to the way I learn best. This would help me remember more of the content as well as strengthen my MI to become an even better student.
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True Colours

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Curious Green- You have the basic need for mental power or to be seen as smart. You examine things carefully, are self-motivated and logical. You think a lot. You enjoy learning new things and sharing your knowledge.

Adventurous Orange-You have the basic need for action, excitement, freedom and to act on impulse. You are playful and fun-loving, yet love being competitive. You are adventurous and like to take risks.

Responsible Gold- Your basic needs are for structure, security and to be of help to others. You are organized and always plan ahead. You are loyal and very responsible. You follow the rules and respect authority.

Harmonious Blue- Your basic needs are for harmony and positive, close relationships. You are friendly but sensitive, valuing the feelings of others. You are imaginative. Your goal is to make the world a better place.

The True Colours test was quite easy and simple. It was fun to do and it had many interesting questions that really got me thinking about my personality so I could answer the questions as truthfully and best as I can. After doing the test, my results were that my personality is mainly Orange and Gold. Orange stands for adventurous. It means that I am love to have fun, I enjoy being competitive and I have a tendency to act impulsively. Gold stands for responsible. It means that I need structure in my life, I need to plan ahead and I am loyal towards people. I think these results were accurate and I do agree with them.

I believe that I am Orange because I love having fun, I have a pretty good sense of humor and in some cases I do act impulsively which therefore makes me a risk-taker. For example, I play many sports and while playing sports you do not have time to think what to do, you have to act impulsively and there are also many risks involved with playing sports. The possibility of you getting an injury cannot stop you from doing something that is required of for your team to win. I’ve taken many risks and acted impulsively many times while playing sports and so therefore I do think that Orange was the right color for me and I agree with the test 100%. Next, I think that Gold does represent my personality because Gold is for someone who is responsible, loyal and follows the rules. I feel that all these qualities are in me because as a responsible student I usually finish all my homework on time, I listen to the teachers and follow most of the rules. As a responsible member of the society, I don’t litter and always try to throw everything in its correct bin. Also, I follow the law to make sure no one in my community feels discomfort or feels unsafe due to my actions and words. Next, I feel that I am loyal because I always try to include my friends in whatever I do and not leave them out or make them feel excluded.

In conclusion, I completely agree with this test and now I know that my true colours are Orange and Gold.

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