Cold War Culture

Elvis Presley

What? Elvis Presley "king of rock n roll"

Time Period: From the late 40's to the early 60's

Location: USA

Cause: He helped create a movement for rock n roll to make it more popular.

Result: Elvis went down as "king of rock n roll"

Significance: Rock n roll became more popular and was something people could always listen to.

To Whom: It was important to Americans.

The American Dream

What? In the 1950's Americans had more leisure time than ever and had to spend it by doing something so many people started doing activities such as, "fishing, bowling, hunting, boating, and golf. More fans than ever attended baseball, basketball, and football games."

Time Period: 1950's

Location: USA

Cause: People were earning more money and working less so they had more leisure opportunities than in the past.

Result: I would imagine the result being happy people.

Significance: Gave people hope that some day they would achieve the american dream.