College Comp & Research Portfolio

Mykel Heese

About Me

My name is Mykel Heese. I am a senior at Chillicothe High School in Chillicothe, Missouri. I am currently involved in National Honor Society, Student Council, and Rotary Interact. I plan to go to college at University of Central Missouri and become a nurse.


Academic Resume

In my resume, I state my accomplishments, extracurriculars, community service, and work experience.

College Application Essay

In my college application essay, I talk about my desire to become a nurse, and the accomplishments I want to make after high school.

"How We Believe" Narration Essay

In my narration essay titled "Society Against Single Mothers," I talk about how single mothers overcome society's stereotype that they can not raise a child on their own.

"How We Watch" Analysis Essay

In my analysis essay I talk about the reality television show, Chrisley Knows Best. I go into detail about how Todd and Julie Chrisley raise their children in a media based environment.

"How We Learn" Definition Essay

My definition essay argues that kids who receive traditional grades have less interest in learning. I also talk about numerous principals and their ways of teaching at their own school.

"How We Work" Summary/Response Essay

Do you believe expecting mothers are discriminated by their own bosses? In my essay, I talk about all the negativity mothers face in the workforce.

"How We Eat" Argumentative Essay

In this essay, I argue about the bad habits mothers do while pregnant that can cause their infants to be obese. Mothers who are expecting can do harm to themselves and their child.

Did You Know?

This video talks obesity and the problems it causes.

“Top 5” Lessons I learned in College Composition and Research

In my video, I summarize the lessons upcoming classmates need to remember for Dr. Watkin's class.

Reflection on Analysis Paper

In this video, I discuss my strengths and weaknesses in one of my best papers.

Contact Information

Contact me at any of these links and I will get back to you!