The Most Beautiful Continent in the World


Australia. The lone deserts and cites by the sea . . . Beauty defines this continent. The simple, bare, lonely deserts has beauty in a hidden way. The clear seas and the beautiful Barrier Reef. The big cities, and the kangaroos. Who would argue that Australia has breath-taking and defining features?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see nature in its boldest? Have you ever wanted to see some of the most defining features of nature itself? Clear seas and skies . . . simplicity of the desert . . . all bundled up in one.

Adelaide, Australia

Adelaide is the capital of the territory, South Australia. Adelaide was established December 28, 1836. Adelaide is a lone city - it is 453 miles from Melbourne, Australia, and although it may be the closet big city there is, it is still a must see destination. With Adelaide's rocky sea coast and beautiful, glassy blue seas . . . it is a beautiful and historical stop to make on your trip around Australia. There is also the Rundle Mall and the Adelaide Zoo, that would be at the least a must see.

The Adelaide Zoo opened its gates in May of 1883, and is Australia's second oldest zoo in the continent and the only major metropolitan zoo in Australia to be owned and operated on a non-profit basis. There are over 2,000 animals in 300 different species in 20 acres of land.

The Rundle Mall has been open since 1976, and has over 1,000 different retail stores. As well as having many arcades, Rundle Mall has many sculptures, including four different life-size pigs known as Oliver, Truffles, Horatio and Augusta.

Other Notable Sites in Australia

Adelaide is not the only place for you to visit on your extensive trip to Australia. Some other sites in Australia that you should visit are Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1788, Sydney is the biggest city in Australia, and if you like to see plays - then I suggest that you go an visit the Sydney Opera House. It was made to look like the sails on a ship and is sitting directly on the clear blue ocean. With a gorgeous extensive interior, the Opera House is sure to make your stay in Australia more than memorable. Besides being able to almost see the bottom of the ocean, the beauty of such a historical and yet at the same time modern city.

Animals of Australia

Many unique creatures live in Australia. Some of them include, the dingo, wombat, the koala, platypus, and the kangaroo.

The dingo, although cute on the outside, is really quite vicious. Although many have tried to domesticate this beautiful, coyote like creature, it has been a failure, as dingo's are naturally vicious animals, and have been known to kill people, particularly young children.

The kangaroo is another famous creature in Australia. Kangaroos are well known to protect their young, and hit people because they got to close to them and their young. Kangaroos also cannot hop backwards, only forwards. Kangaroos are known to hop in roads, they are like the deer in North America - if you live close enough, you can see them everywhere.

Koalas are gentle and lazy creatures. Koalas are herbivore marsupials. Their young hang onto the adult's back. The closest living relative of the koala is the wombat.

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Australia's Weather

The weather in Australia is temperate for the greater part of the year. The seasons of Australia are opposite of that of the northern hemisphere - so our winter is their summer, our summer is their winter. December to February is summer, March to May is autumn, June to August is winter and September to November is spring. If your feeling a bit chilly in winter - fly right over to Australia and go for a swim! Feeling a bit humid out? Fly over to Australia and cool yourself down for a bit.
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