oktoberfest tour operators


Europe travel itineraries come in so many different modes. However, the most prominent among them all is the Oktoberfest. It is a kind of itinerary that occurs in a span of two weeks. It is a kind of festival that is celebrated between the last days of September and goes on up to the beginning of October. The oktoberfest tours have gotten known all over the world such that a good number of European countries are also celebrating them. Many holidaying people come to Germany and other neighboring countries just to celebrate this. It is approximated that about six million people take part in it, with slightly over 25% of them being foreigners.

The Oktoberfest celebrations were began by a Bavarian prince in the year 1810 for the purposes of celebrating his marriage. It involved horse racing. This fest has metamorphosed into the modern way of life and has seen the creation of many oktoberfest tour operators. This has become a business where the operators take advantage of the foreign as well as local tourists who come around to take part in it. The current trend has transformed the festival into a form of beer-drinking Germans (as well as residents of the other neighboring countries) decked out in traditional and lederhosen garb. However, the horse racing part which was their at the beginning has now been often ignored by those who celebrate it these days. There is also the inclusion of foreigners which was initially not the norm.

For any person planning for a europe festivals travel must give this a lot of consideration. It acts as a constant reminder of the historical roots of Germany; which is currently so modern that you may easily forget it also has a history. The display of the traditional costumes during this festival brings out the fact that tradition is actually not dead.

Back in Germany, the Oktoberfest festival is carried out in the giant arena well known as the Theresienwiese. Here, there are normally fourteen tents erected specifically for the even. Each of the tents has to be sponsored by a different brewing house; and should also be wide enough to house several thousands of people. The different tents come with different reputation. Therefore, if you are planning for a party travel, it will be upon you to choose one of the tents depending on the mood you intend to evoke.