Low self-esteem/Insecure

  • Rocky has low self-esteem because he doesn't believe in his self that he can win.
  • He's not happy with his life because he looked in a mirror and he was questioning his life.He's questioning what he did wrong to end up in that situation.


He's very polite.

He cares about other peoples feelings


He's not lazy.

He's an early riser


  • His body is in a good shape
  • He's a boxer
  • works out everyday (e.g he did one handed push ups and he punched the meat)


  • He makes $40 every 2 week,that basically means he doesn't make that much money
  • He lives in a very small apartment
  • Can't afford that much food


He takes beatings for just $40 dollars a week

If your a boxer you are obviously a brave person