Death Marches

Overview of Holocaust

The Holocaust is a tragic event that lead people to go into hiding or be a solider. In 1933, during World War II many Jews and prisoners of war were killed in theses two years. Also during this time Adolf Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews and conquer the world.

Definiton/Background Information

A Death March is a movement of Jews, prisoners of war, gypsies, and Jehavoh's Witnesses from on death camp to another. Also called a forced movement.

Origanal Reaserch Paper

In mid-January, 1945 prisoners in the camp Auschwitz had to make a last minute evacuation because of the U.S. troops closing in on the camp. 60,000 people were on this march to Wondzistaw. They had to walk 35 miles to get to this death camp. The Nazis would shoot anyone who fell behind or could not keep up with the group. The people also suffered from exposure, starvation, and the weather. 3,000 people died on the march and 15,000 during the evacuation.


" How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before beginning to improve the world."

-Anne Frank


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