Sir Lancelot

The most chivalric knight

Why is this so?

Despite this man's extensive display of his lack of self control, scandalous relationships, and his avoidance of speaking truth, this man is by far the most chivalric knight that has ever walked across this Earth. He compensates for his flaws for by being the strongest, most skilled, most loyal knight that there ever was and ever will be. His skill with the sword is unmatched by any and all of his contemporaries as he could fell any of them with his blade, even Sir Gawain and his mystical mid-day strength. He holds the title of the knight with the most technical skill on the Round Table making him an excellent asset to Arthur's elite force. He remained fiercely loyal to his king despite being chased across the English Channel by Arthur while he fled from conviction of his treasonous crimes he committed with Guinevere. He even came to Arthur's aid against Mordred and supported him as his king fought against his evil son. These qualities of Lancelot combined far outweigh any of his vices and grant him the title of being the most chivalric knight to have ever lived.

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