PioNear Summit 2018

Hollywood Beach, Fl

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My First PioNear Summit

I have to admit. I was pretty nervous going to my first PioNear Summit. I am a relative newbie and didn't know most of the people attending the Summit. I have been using Nearpod for years in the classroom and as an instructional technology specialist. I immediately knew of all the other tools it was different. After attending the PioNear Summit, I undertand why!
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Nearpod's Vision

Nearpod's vision of transforming teaching and learning starts by empowering leaders in educational technology to share their wealth in innovation. Whether you're from Iceland, Spain, or a small town in Texas, Nearpod values and cherishes the educator's perspective and voice.

Nearpod started small and was able to grow because of educators who were willing to take a chance on something new. They fully understand the power of the global community who uses and promotes Nearpod, because without them, they wouldn't be where they are today.

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Transforming Teaching Together

What I appreciated most about the PioNear Summit 2018 was the opportunity to work together with the top educational tech leaders in the world. Through Nearpod sessions and unconference, edcamp style learning, we were able to collaborate and share ideas with teachers, library media specialists, instructional technology specialists, principals, counselors, and edtech employees in small groups and as a whole. We learned more about Nearpod's partnership with the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus and integrations with learning management systems like Canvas as well as other partnerships.
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Changing the World of Education

Educational systems may be different between state or country, but the core purpose is the same: the learning of ALL students. We got to explore differentiation, blended learning, E-learning, and more.

I came out the other side inspired, motivated, challenged, and with a new sense of purpose. What was I going to do to help change the world of education? This is something I will continue to work toward being part of the solution.

I can't wait for the world to see what Nearpod has coming and what the next PioNear Summit holds.

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Crystal Trotter

Crystal Trotter is an instructional technology specialist for Allen Independent School District in Allen, TX. She has taught 7-10 ELA, 7-8 communications, and 7-8 theater arts. She is passionate about sound instructional practices and integration technology to engage, differentiate, assess, and motivate students and teachers.