Middle School Survival Plan 2014-15

By: Marcus James

Teachers at North

The teachers at North are thoughtful, and excellent at teaching you what you need. The teachers adapt to your learning styles. Also they teach you what you need to know for STAAR, exams and etc.


At North you do not get much to any homework. I do not get homework from any of my teachers or classes because I work hard in class. It may not be the same case for you if you are in Pre-AP or have a teacher that does. Most likely you won't get much.


As a 6th grade, you will have 2 elective choices at North. North has a variety of electives for everyone to pick from. We have Band, PE, Choir, Creative Writing, and Theater. You can also select athletics, yearbook, media, or MSI when you get into 7th and 8th grade . All students can do off-campus PE. Check the North website for all approved activities.

Passing Period

Passing period are 4 minutes from one class to another. exept for 1st to 2st period when you have 6 minutes. If you are some how late, you will have to give your teacher a pass for being late. You will usually never be late for class.


Prioritizing is a skill you need to know for middle school. You need to know what is more important. If yo have a project due tomorrow and one due next week, you should do the one due tomorrow first. To help you with that you can set reminders on your phones.