GCIS Friday Focus 9/30/2016

We're Not Here to be average; we're here to be AWESOME!

Weekly Duties

Special thanks to all the duty teachers and your efforts to keep our spaces in the morning and afternoon safe! Please let me know if there is anything that we may need to adjust.

Link to AM/PM Duties

See Documents below for this Week!

Please click on the links below for Awesome Student of the Week, This weeks Newsletter, and Lunch dates.

Looking forward to eating this week with...

  • Mrs. Murphy
  • Mr. Sawhill
  • Mrs. Manken

Weekly Links...

Awesome Students of the Week (Due Thursday by Noon)

Newsletter (Due Thursday Noon)

Lunchdates w/ Van Cleave

*Postcards Due to Heather by noon on Thursday

  • Our goal is to drop in mail Thursday afternoon. If you need more cards see H. Hadley/K.Hoskins
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Shout Out!

A few shout outs for the week!

  • Thanks to Mr. Eberly for stepping up and helping with after school duty on Thursday!

  • Connie Hoffman: Thanks for helping out with F&P testing this week!

  • Brenda Onken: thanks for being awesome and spending extra time diving into data and prepping and planing for PD with Julie G and myself!

  • Whit & Heather for helping out with the subs in the penthouse!

Changes to the Week

Here are the changes to the week:

  • No Clubs on Wednesday: Healthiest State Walk at the track from 12:30-1:10pm Wear or Create a Crazy Hat!

  • Picture Day Tuesday: Click HERE for Schedule of Homerooms for Pictures

What's Happening This Week!

Monday: 10/3 Day 4

  • Rotary 12:00-1:00pm
  • IEP 3:30pm

Tuesday: 10/4 Day 1


  • 7:30 am All Staff Manken's Room
  • 2:00pm Brenda O Mtg

Wednesday: 10/5 Day 2

  • SpEd Mtg 7:30am
  • Healthiest Walk: Bring Your Crazy Hat! 12:30-1:10pm

Thursday: 10/6 Day 3

  • Admin Mtg 2:00pm GCAB

Friday: 10/7 Day 4

  • Mtg w/ Tim 9:30 am

GCIS Information Hub

If you are looking for a doc, remember they are a click away! Happy Hunting!

Link to GCIS Information Hub