Tackey Tourist Rainforest

By: Lily Meiring ,Aanya Jayasekera, Rebeca Meza

Where do you find rain forest?

There is many rain forest around the world but the one located in south america is called the amazon rain forest. It is the second larges in the world

What layers are found in the rainforest

There is the emergent, canopy, understory, and forest floor. they all have difrent types of trees, animals, and plants
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what food is found in the rainforest?

coffe, yam, chocalate, banana, mango, papaya, avocado, and sugarcane
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What animals are found in the rain forest? which are endangad?

sloths, lemur, and macaw are all aso endangared .
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What plants are in the rain forest? do they have medicinal value.

Cryptanthus, Aechmea, Nidularium, Vriesea, and many more. some do have medicinal value.
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What needs to be done to perserve the rain forests?

We need to recycle here at home, and we need to either not cut down trees or for every tree we cut down plant another one to replace it. It takes everybody to help not just one person.
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