Tom Walker Walking With The Devil.

Shayla Alvirez

Boston Looses Two Fellow Neighbors

Boston looses two towns members, April 14th, 1913. Tom Walker (55) and his wife, Emily Walker (53). The deaths are unknown for now, no information is giving at this point.The funeral will be held at the Cavern Church, April 18th, at 2:00pm. Tom and Emily had no sign of any children nor had contract with any family members, but where known by a lot of neighbors and towns people. Please come as we remember these two beloved neighbors, and friends.

Tom Walkers Mysterious Disappearance

What ever happened to the Bostons secrete neighbor Tom Walker? Some people say he talked to the Devil, and Devil took Toms soul. Some say he moved away, and left his home life behind, others just assumed he died and his wife stays home and grieves over Toms death. But a man named Joseph Michal Smith, said he saw everything! He said he was walking around the swampy area one day and he saw Tom Walker talking with the Devil about selling his soul for money. Joesph said this did not surprise him that Tom would do such a thing, Tom was a greedy old man.
He said he would see Tom everyday but would not say a word to him. Joesph explains that Tom didn't really care about others and would do anything his ole crooked heart wanted to do. He said he saw Tom carrying around a little bible all the time, it confessed Joesph but he never dared to ask Tom about it. One day Joseph said he was walking around in town getting some groceries and saw a dark man talking to Tom, the town was real quiet and all of a sudden the dark man took Tom and rode upon a dark horse. Joseph was in shock and decided to follow them, it lead him to and underground tunnel. Joesph said it himself he was scared but wanted to know what happened to him. We asked him to tell more but all Joseph said was he talk to the devil and he shall never show anyone where Tom and the Devil went to. He said it is a dark and gory place where Tome went, and it is a place Joseph swears he will never go to again!
To this day nobody really know what ever happened to Tom Walker, their are reporters that try to get Joesph to talk more about what he had seen that he dares not to talk about, but we came to find out he passed away of a heart attack. And now we may never know what exactly ever happened to Tom Walker and the Devil. Rumors are that that the Devil took Tom back to Hell with him and never returning to Boston again.

The Swamp Area

The Boston swamp area is like any other swamp place. It's a wet and dark place. Different types of creatures like to lurk there. It's a place where nobody ever goes to, it kinda of seems creepy looking. It's all where Tom Walker met the Devil, when Tom found the skull. It's also a very mysterious place that you never really hear about. In the story it seemed to be eerie and dark. It made me feel like I was there with Tom, and it would give me chills thinking about it.

Did You Learn Your Lesson?

The lesson from this story should be merged into your brain. In the story Tom is a very greedy man that makes a promise to the devil, that the devil would bring him happiness and anything Tom wanted. Tom really wanted money so he decided to sell his soul to the devil, Tom just was not happy and everything he achieved it was not good enough for him. He realized he made a mistake that he should of never made a deal with the devil. After that Tom could never betray the devil ever in his life time. The lesson that can be learned from this story can be that money cannot buy happiness and that people cant be so greedy in life and just appreciate what they have before it all disappears in a matter of seconds because of a choice you made.