Anti-Pollution PSA

Time To Make A Change!

Stop The Madness!

Please stop polluting our atmosphere with things like perfume etc. You're killing our environment! People could get nausea and respiratory infections like bronchitis. So please stop. You're damaging our crops, and slowing the growth of forests and even causing some trees to die. Air pollution is damaging the ozone layer which protects us from those harmful UV rays.

Tips On How To Prevent Air Pollution.

Ways You Can Prevent Air Pollution.

Use less power in your home. Saving energy can reduce carbon emissions. Like turn off the lights if you're not home. Don't use your thermostat to much. Don't drive to much if you can walk to where ever you need to go. Don't Smoke!!! One because its bad for your health and it causes air pollution. Recycle paper, plastic, glass bottles and cardboard. Use solar lighting. Wash clothes with hot water not cold. Plant deciduous trees in locations around your home to provide shade.