Italian Immigrants

By: Byron Hailey

¨Bisogna saper afferrare l'occasione pei capellI¨- Opportunity knocks only once...

Italian Immigrants came to the U.S in 1890. At that time, the immigration period was called the ¨New Immigration¨, & also the 3rd largest period of immigration to come the United States. In 1900 the immigration period got so popular by 1915 there were a count of 3 million Italians that immigrated to the United States.

What was the purpose?

The artisans and peasants were from all around Italy. It was getting insufficient so they wanted change; there were no jobs, the birth rates were increasing population numbers, the death rates were also increasing, natural disasters were occurring then too. The men were looking for a job, to provide a little bit more better for their families. So they came here to get better jobs & also more opportunities.

What was the purpose?