To Kill a Mockingbird: Part One

Jean Louise "Scout" Finch

The setting of "To Kill a Mockingbird"

The story takes place 1930's, in Alabama. this book is about Jean Louise "Scout" Finch is a female and is 6-8 years old, Jem Finch is a male and is 10-12 years old, Dill Harris is a male and is 7-9 years old, Atticus Finch is a male and is 51 years old.

About Jean Louise "Scout" Finch

She is stubborn, short tempered,and is a tom boy . She is interested it getting Boo Radley to come out of his house to play and see what he looks like.She likes to play with Dill and Jem. Her hobbies are to have Atticus read to her at night,getting in trouble with Calpurnia. She is has good behavior most of the time unless somebody starts to say something bad about her dad then she ready to get in to a fight. I think we would get along just fine and but i would have to get to the life style of back then. She is the narrator.
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The mood of TKM

the mood of the story is a happy feeling before Atticus had to defend Tom Robinson then the mood changed to a horrible hate feeling. Scout focuses on playing games and having fun with Dill and Jem. They are always playing games and trying to get Boo Radley to come out of the house. She cares about trying to get Boo Radley to come out. She spends her days playing games and playing the Boo Radley games. Scout does have a temper tho and she thinks that Walter Cunningham cause a bunch of trouble and she gets in trouble because of it. She got in trouble twice in one day because of Walter once by the teacher and once by Calpurnia. Scout thought that getting in trouble with them were the wrest thing that could happen.

The turning point of the story.

After Atticus starts to defend Tom, then the whole town start to bullying the finch's.Scout found out about this after she comes home from school after she got in a fight with Cecil Jacobs. Then she asks her dad what Cecil was talking about,and her dad told her that thinks are about to change and they are going to get worse before they get better.How people react to Atticus defending Tom Robinson, this is the focus after the turning point.

Scout after the turning point

Scout before the turning point was happy and playing all the time, then the turing point of the story happened and her feelings and mood want to a whole new level of mood and feelings. The mood when from happy and playful to depressing, unhappiness, sadness in a few pages. Scout felt like this was horrible trying not to loose her temper but she did when her cousin Francis started to call Atticus a _____-lover and then she started attacking him, but she didn't attack him because of the name but fore the way he said the name cause she didn't know what that meant.Then she got in trouble with Jem because Miss.Debose had called Atticus a hostile name with a lot of hostility and that made Jem extremely mad and had cut up Miss.Debose's flowers then they had to read to Miss.Debose for a month. then she died.