Energy and Water Conservation

Making the property more earth friendly.

Going Green

Saving energy and water is going green because you're going to be using less and making the earth a lot more friendly.

Green Alternatives

Three different green alternatives for energy and water conservation are:

  • Bed sheets changed upon request
  • Recycling bins in each room
  • New towels upon request

Bed sheets changed upon request

This could help the hotels bussiness along with the enviroment because if you only ask to get your bed sheets changed upon request you will be saving water and more time to do other things for the hotel.

Recycling bins in each room

By putting recycling bins in each room can help reduce the waste production each week. The hotel will spend less money because they wont have to have a dump truck come everyday. It also helps the enviroment because it will reuse all the things and wont be going out as waste and hurting the earth with trash.

New towels upon request

This will affect the enviroment and hotel greatly because youre saving on a ton of water when you reuse your towels.You will be saving on emissions of CO2 (from the energy consumed) detergent and the need for the associated waste water treatment and disposal. It can also reduce your cost because you wont be having to keep buying more detergent.