Abby Burkhalter

''Nemo, Dory and the Fisherman"

One summer day, Nemo decided to take a swim. He went to go visit dory. When he got to her cove she was gone. He was very nervous for where she could be, then he heard her yelling , HELP, HELP! Nemo followed he sound to the shore. A fisherman was fishing and dory was on the line! Nemo swam over and tried to pull her off but he couldn't. So when he reeled in the line Dory said,'' Please please let me go, I am a special fish!" Then the fisherman said back, "Ok, but only if you save me later then I will.'' So the fisherman trusted Dory and let her go.

Later that summer there was a large fishing boat out at sea. Nemo and Dory were out for a swim, then a storm out of nowhere struck the boat. It sank. Dory saw the fisherman and she and Nemo swam to the dolphins to save him. Once the dolphins carried him to shore. Once the fisherman awoke he said,'' Dory? Is that you? Thank you so much for saving me! Now I know that kindness can repay you.

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The theme is that your own kindness could repay you.