Software Engineer

By: Ryan Krogfoss

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Job Description

Software Engineers are engineers which create information systems through programming and writing of code. A daily life of a software engineer is days working on creating code for a program or testing the code. A lot of the work can be done at home because the work is mainly done on computers and other electronic devices.

Educational Requirements

Software Engineering is growing job that has the opportunity to pay well. However, in order to have the job, the lowest requirement is an Associates Degree. This degree is for the entry level job while a Bachelor and Masters Degree would provide a better job opportunities with a higher pay.
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The average wage of a Software Engineer is about $93,350 and the entry wage is about $61,000. Pay can vary depending on one's degree of education, knowledge of the subject, and the amount of time they work.
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Why I Am Interested in This Field

I am interested in this field of engineering because I enjoy using computers and would like in the technology field. Also, they pay is decently high and a lot of the work can be done at home.