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Week of 18 November 13


Since this is the last full week before we prepare for Thanksgiving Break, I wanted to simply challenge your thinking with an Infographic that was recently shared with me. Please click the link below the image and check out the full-sized version. I'd love to know what you think. I am also sharing a link to a recent news article that showcases just how powerful meaningful technology integration can be.

Finally, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to express how fortunate I feel to work in the district that I do, in the buildings that I do, and with the people that I do. I am inspired each and every day by the fantastic things I see, and by your willingness to step outside the box and try new technology and new ideas. May you have a great break next week and return rested and ready to finish the semester strong!


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Vogel 6th Grade Students On Technology's Cutting Edge

Speak Up Update

Here is the latest data from the Speak Up Survey. Remember that the school with the highest percentage of students, staff, and community participating will receive a Technology Incentive Package. So get the word out!

DELAWARE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 5 students, 0 teachers, 1 parents, 0 administrators

NORTH HIGH SCHOOL: 3 students, 0 teachers, 4 parents, 0 administrators

NORTH JR HIGH SCHOOL: 4 students, 0 teachers, 0 parents, 1 administrators

OAK HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL: 3 students, 2 teachers, 1 parents, 0 administrators

SCOTT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 803 students, 7 teachers, 0 parents, 0 administrators

VOGEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: 257 students, 10 teachers, 5 parents, 0 administrators

Bill Gumula, M.Ed.

Bill is an eLearning Coach helping to facilitate meaningful integration of technology to enrich instruction, engage students & develop 21st century skills. He is also a PhD candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology degree with an Emphasis in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology.
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