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VIC News, February 16, 2021

Letter from the Coordinator

February 16, 2021

Hello amazing VIC Families!

It is hard to believe it is already time for Rodeo Break next week! We would really like to encourage our students to be on track by next Wednesday to take advantage of the 4 day weekend! I know we can all use a little break. If students are behind pace, they need to use this time to get caught up on their coursework.

VIC students have raised over $3,250 for the American Heart Association. This will be our most successful fundraiser yet. Thank you for all of your support. Our school goal was $2,500 and we have already hit it! Way to go! I WILL BE SLIMED! If you have contributed, you may come by the VIC and pick up your prizes.

Please take a moment to complete the parent survey. This is our report card for the VIC each year and we value your feedback.

I have two surveys I need your assistance with:

21/22 School Plans: Please fill out the survey for the 21/22 school year. Thank you to those that completed this already. Please complete this quick survey regarding your family's plans for next school year if you are full-time with the VIC.

Computer Version Survey: I am trying to get an idea of the computers our full-time VIC students are using. This will help us to identify the computers that are being used and their age. Please take 2-4 minutes to complete this to ensure we have adequate devices for everyone.

Have a great week CyberWolves!

Mrs. Tankersley

Rachel Tankersley

Coordinator of Digital Learning

Vail Innovation Center K-12


Vail School District Student Survey 2021

Dear Students and Parents:

Every year we ask the students to fill out a survey for the Vail Cares Cadre. We take these surveys very seriously. Each year we compare results to the results of prior years and look for trends in improvement and areas that need attention.

We also use the results for both teacher and administrative evaluations. Please help us help you by providing the quality responses needed to make the results meaningful.

Elementary link

Middle School link

High School link

The survey is open through 5:00 pm on Friday, March 5, 2021.

(I apologize if you received multiple notices of this survey. To promote participation we are sending notice of the survey out through several distribution systems.)


Mrs. Tankersley, Coordinator of Digital Learning

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Attention Parents of 8th Graders - High School Choice

This is just a reminder, if you have not done so already, don’t forget to submit your child’s high school choice rankings by Friday, February 26th on with your PowerSchool Parent Username and Password.

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Vail School District Special Education Records - Destruction Notice

The Vail School District Special Education Office is in the process of destroying SPECIAL EDUCATION records for students who withdrew, transferred or graduated from high school four or more years ago. We are required to notify parents or students, if they are 18 years or older, to give them an opportunity to review the records before they are destroyed. If you believe that you or your child might have Special Education records and would like to review them, please contact Cindy Cahill at 879-2051 or email at

Otherwise, records are due to be destroyed on June 1, 2021.

K-8 State Testing Information Letter

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High School State Testing Information Letter

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Special Edmentum Reminders

Special Reminders

  • All students need to be working a minimum of 5 days a week to complete their courses on time. There are course maps for you to utilize as a tool for success with completing assignments on time.

  • 6-12 grade students should ONLY use your school email account to communicate with your teachers **Do not use the Edmentum messaging system. Remember your teachers have 24 hours to respond to your school email messages.

  • You should be working a minimum of 1 hour per class per day to meet the timing requirements.

  • Tutoring sessions are available if your student is struggling. Please be sure to look at the tutoring schedule and use those links to attend virtually. Our teachers are looking forward to seeing and helping you!

  • Your course is made up of multiple units. Within each unit, there are subsections and topics which often include a tutorial, activities/practice, and/or a mastery test. Mastery tests can be retaken up to 3 times, but you must redo the tutorial first and then the program will unlock the mastery test again for another attempt. Edmentum will count your highest score.

  • When you get to the Post Test please reach out to your teacher through email to unlock it for you.

End Dates and Pacing Chart Icons - CyberWolves Working CyberStrong in 2021!

Hello 6-12 Students,

Remember to keep a close eye on your end dates.

Are you on pace to finish by your end dates?

Dark green = ahead of pace (1 or more activities ahead)

Light green = on pace (within 1 activity of the expected pace)

Orange = slightly off pace (1 or 2 activities behind)

Pink = Way off pace (3 or more activities behind)

Remember your online agreement to work approximately one hour a day in each class for five days a week will keep you on pace with light green or dark green pacing icons. Let's work CyberSTRONG in 2021!

Thank you,

The Vail Innovation Center Team

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Students in 6-12: Here is a Edmentum Tutorial with tips and tricks. Please watch for a refresher.

Vail Innovation Center Tutoring Opportunities

Please see the picture attachments below with additional information needed for each tutoring opportunity listed below; days/times and instructor information. Thank you.

Link for MS Science

Link for MS Math

Link for MS ELA & SS

Link for HS Science

Use the link below to join the "Chemistry Tutoring" Group in Schoology:


Link for HS Math Algebra 1 & Geometry

Link for HS ELA & SS

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Free Math Tutoring for K-12 through the University of Arizona

The attached schedule is provided by the University of Arizona Math Department for the Spring Schedule for FREE Math Zoom Tutoring. This is for elementary grades, middle school and high school math.

Through the AmeriCorps STEMM program, skilled tutor mentors provide free online math tutoring and support to K-12 students. Any questions about the program may be directed to or or call 520.621.6866

K-5 Students of the Month for February

Grades K-5 Kudos Corner

Congratulations to the following K-5 students who have earned a KUDOS shout out from their teacher. Keep your eye out to see who's next!

Mrs. Allison; would like to recognize her second grade class for working hard on their unit projects. They researched their family history and completed a family crest to display what they learned about their families' heritage. They learned about habitats around the world and designed zoo habitats that would provide for the needs of the plants and animals of those regions. The second graders also learned about 2D and 3D shapes and designed jewelry for a jewelry store based on what they learned. We also learned about non-fiction writing and interviewed and published a biography of one of our heroes. All of the projects that have been turned in have been fabulous and show a deep understanding of the concepts. Way to go second graders!

Mrs. Hunter; would like to recognize kinder students Morgan Pfeifer, Finn Maakestad, Hazel Cherie, Alayna Velasquez, Ethan Le, and Anthony Wilson for doing a nice job sitting up nice and tall, while following Zoom rules. Mrs. Hunter would also like to recognize the following first grade students Madilynn Bowe, Olive Fox, Arabella Hurtado, Nathaniel Adelson, Phoenix Martinez, Isabella Merkel, Avalene Nance, Mason West, and Matthew Teegarden for always coming to Zoom everyday with a happy smile on their face and prepared to learn. Awesome job girls and boys! (:)

Ms. Schultz; 5th Grade: We are proud of our contribution to Vail Pride Day: Ian Cooksey in the Science Fair, Brennan Garza in the Art Contest, and everyone in the Fun Run!

Grades 6-12 Kudos Corner

We would like to send a KUDOS out for the following students in grades 6-12.

Keep your eye out for next weeks KUDOS Corner to see who is recognized next week.

Mrs. Garcia; Liliana SantaCruz has been developing her writing, asking questions, and growing as a reader and writer. Keep it up! Sam Tarver has been on track with language arts and showing proficiency on key concepts. He has been thinking critically and sharing insight about novels he had read. Way to go! Silas Miller has been focused on his ELA work, and he is mastering concepts. Way to go!

Mrs. Goldwasser; the following students are new to VIC this semester and are working on or ahead of pace in their science class and doing excellent work; Cara Trujillo, Emma Ilac, Dominic Creason, Samuel Strause and Drake Carr.

Mrs. Logsdon; would like to celebrate these students for staying on pace, all semester so far:

6B: Brian Best, Gavin Dunn, Gabriel Karhoff, and Cara Trujillo

8B: Dominic Creason, Parker Jones, Sydney Menez, Savanah Vinson

As well, these students have been ahead of pace all semester:

6B: Ethan Rogers, 7B: Josiah Gomez

A special shout out goes to Ethan Rogers, 6B, for engaging in his learning, and always reaching out to ask clarifying questions!

Mrs. Polivchak; recognizes Zoey Mindziak in English class. Zoey is not only a good communicator, she also goes above and beyond in the work she completes. Keep up the good work, Zoey! :)

Mrs. Wittwer; way to go, Aiden Gowan! Aiden has already finished all of the coursework for second semester English! He’s ready for his final exam. What a way to start summer vacation early!

Mrs. Nunes; recognizes the following students from 6th through 12th grades who are on pace or ahead of pace in all of their classes:

6th grade; Brian Best, Silas Miller

7th grade; Kaden Cashin, Matthew Diaz

8th grade; Matthew Allison, Eden Oliver

9th grade; Alyssa Calder, Dominic Herbert

10th grade; Sonora Parrish, Benjamin Rodziewicz

11th grade; Vanessa Kelley, Natalie Marx

12th grade; Margaret Chiara, Jacqueline George, Joshua Hughes, Jesse Wold


Juniors - ACT Testing Information


You will be taking the ACT Test on Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Location: Vail District Office - 13801 E. Benson Hwy Vail, AZ 85641

The students will be taking the Online version of the ACT test - this is not a pencil and paper test!

Time: Arrive by 8:30a.m. testing will conclude around 12:45p.m.

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU PRACTICE THE ONLINE ACT TEST PRIOR TO TESTING DATES SO THERE ARE NO SURPRISES. The attached document goes into detail about the practice test options, but here is a summary:


  1. Download - Note: ACT online tests are only supported on Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS operating systems.

  2. Open the TestNav application you downloaded and click on the Practice Tests link.

  3. Read the test overview instructions you see on the screen, enter your name, and select Start.

Highlights of the ACT online test:

  1. TIMER - The timer at the top of the page tells you how much time you have left to complete your test. Note: A timer will not appear if you are taking an untimed practice test.

  • Pacing yourself for a timed test is something that takes a little practice since most tests you take during school are not timed. I would recommend practicing with the timer. Make sure you answer all the questions. It is better to guess on a question than to leave a question blank.

  1. BOOKMARK - Select Bookmark to mark an item so that you can find it easily and return to it later. When an item is marked, the same button can be used to remove the bookmark.

  2. ANSWER ELIMINATOR - Select Answer Eliminator to eliminate answer choices.

  3. REVIEW - Select Review to see an overview of your current status within the test, including information such as which items you have bookmarked, answered, or not answered.

  4. CALCULATOR - A graphing calculator is available within the testing application (in the mathematics test only). To open the calculator, select the Calculator button. Select and drag the calculator if you want to move it to another area on the screen.

  5. ZOOMING IN OR OUT - Adjust the size of the text on your screen by using CTRL and the + key to zoom in or CTRL and the - key to zoom out. Use CTRL and the 0 (zero) key to quickly return to standard size.

  6. ANSWER MASKING - To cover answer choices until you are ready to read them, select Enable Answer Masking. This will cover the answer choices.

  7. HIGHLIGHTER - Use the Highlighter tool to highlight text.

  8. MAGNIFIER - To magnify a portion of the screen, select Enable Magnifier on the user drop down menu, near the top right of the screen.

  9. LINE READER MASK - To read one line at a time, select Show Line Reader Mask.

**Ms. Wrona recently sent emails to 11th graders and parents with more detailed information about the ACT. Check your emails.**

Senior Exit Project (SEP) Information Update

Hello Seniors,

Congratulations to those of you who have turned in your eportfolio. Next up is your presentation and you will have completed one of the most demanding assignments of your high school career! For those of you who have not met the deadline, I highly recommend you turn in your eportfolio immediately to avoid any negative consequences. Please remember this is a graduation requirement and failure to complete any part of the SEP will result in you not graduating. While on the topic of your SEP please mark your calendars with the time of your presentation on March 3rd, also make sure that your technology is in good working order prior to your presentation. It is amazing how fast we are approaching graduation and Ms. Wrona and I would like to congratulate each and every one of you on your hard work and dedication completing your Senior year. As always should you have any questions or issues please contact me or Ms. Wrona.

Mr. Ogden, SEP Coordinator

Ms. Wrona, Counselor

We are attaching the link to the SEP Handbook which is posted on our VIC Website under the 6-12 Resources.

Mr. Arlo Ogden

Vail Innovation Center

Senior Exit Project Coordinator

Senior Advisor


Social and Emotional Learning February Theme: Anti-racism and Diversity

Here are some simple activities to build awareness, acceptance and equality.
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Important Flyers and Information

The 2020-2021 School Calendar

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February Grab & Go Meal Packs

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FASFA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Seniors! It is time to start thinking about paying for college! The FAFSA is the best place to start. Let’s start with a little bit about what the FAFSA actually is. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid; translation: it determines a student's eligibility for need-based federal financial aid for college, which may include grants, scholarships, work-study and loans. If eligible, it can really help you pay for school!

Use this link to complete the FAFSA Application:

Carrie Wrona


Vail Innovation Center


K-12 VIC Staff Contacts - Communication is Key


Please be sure you are reaching out to your teacher at any time to get support or ask questions. We are attaching our staff list showing teacher names and email addresses so you can easily contact your teacher. We are all here to help you succeed. Please plan enough time to hear back from your teacher within 24 hours.

Here is the link to our spreadsheet with all of the VIC teachers and their email.

"Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity."

— Nat Turner

Edmentum Tech Support

If you are having any technical troubles with your online class, please contact Edmentum:

Technical Support


Mon- Fri 4:30 am – 6:30 pm

Sat & Sun 6:00 am – 3:30 pm

Email: ​

Online: ​