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HHE Mission

Holiday Heights is a SAFE and ACCEPTING place where everyone works together to LEARN, IMPROVE, and ACHIEVE our goals.



November 1 Daylight Savings

November 3 All Writing CBA's should be scanned in Aware

November 5 Dr. Brown visit to HHE

November 10 Reading CBA

November 10&11 Play it Safe

November 10 Social Studies CBA

November 11 Veteran's Day

November 12&13 Data Meetings

November 13 Student half-day & End of 2nd Six Weeks

November 18 Instructional Rounds

November 19 Fire Drill

November 20 Special House Celebration

November 21-29 Thanksgiving Break

November 30 PLC Art Day

Grateful for...

Thank you Mrs. Coston for all your hard work on getting the carnival ready. She has been working countless hours to get the final details in order.

Thank you Mrs. Le for coordinating the basket efforts.

Thank you for the excitement and positive energy you are spreading around school. It is a good for students seeing so many happy teachers and it really uplifts me as well :)

We work hard and have fun.

Thank you for the highly engaging lessons and relevant learning. Parents and students are commenting on how much they love school and cannot wait for the next day!

Social team for continuing to bring it! There is a noticeable difference in the feel of the school.

Most of all thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students. It is recognized and very appreciated!

Reminders and Focus

  • Ensure teacher standards are up and you are discussing these with students.
  • Dr. Brown visits this Thursday and we will be walking through classrooms. Do what you normally do. I appreciate you making every effort to ensure your learning environments are neat and organized as always.
  • 6 hour Gifted Training Update due by December 31st
  • Continue to build strong, positive relationships with all the students. Smile often. Choose to see the good and positive. Focus on growth and celebrate often. Nothing is more helpful in the learning process than the effects of trust and joy.
  • Our goal is to be level 3 (or moving close to it) in most areas on the district rubric for TEKS centered teaching. I have seen many great examples of students interacting with the TEKS in class. Be sure to not only post them, but have discussions so that students understand the goal of their learning.
  • Reading Workshop at 100% implementation is our highest priority in curriculum. We will have some PD on our priorities in order of importance at the faculty meeting this Monday.
  • Guided Reading groups should be in full swing. Meet with low groups 4 times per week, low/medium 3 times, medium and high 2 times. Special Education students should be part of both your Guided Reading Group rotation & TEAM Time interventions
  • Rigor, relevance, and engagement strategies should be focus on when planning for learning