Adbus salam


Birth place

Adbus Salam was born in

Jhang, a small town inwhat is now Pakistan,

DATE of birth DEATH

Adbus Salam was born in 1926 and he died on November 21 of 1996. in Oxford UK

grate physicis


Adbus Salam studied at the university of Cambridge . he also studied at the fallowing

st.johns collage.

university of panjab

Government collage university .

major contribution to physics

Extended and Deepened our Understanding of the Weak Force

According to modern physics, there are four fundamental forces in nature. Electromagnetic interaction is one of these. The weak interaction, responsible for e.g. the beta-decay of nuclei is another. With theoretical contributions by Abdus Salam, Sheldon Glashow and Steven Weinberg in 1968, these two interactions were unified to one single, called electroweak. The theory envisaged e.g. so called weak neutral currents in certain interactions of elementary particles, an effect later confirmed in experiments.