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Interview with Karel Willows

I spoke with Karel Willows about the rights of us women. "So Karel, what do you do as a living?"

"Well, I take care of my daughter when my husbands at work and when my son is in school. When I'm not taking care of her, I work as a Baker at Sweet and Treat's."

"Don't you feel like you have even less freedom when you are married?

"Well. it make me feel like i'm a child. I can't speak in public. I can't even sign something without his permission. Also, all my money goes to him. It feels wrong"

"Does your husband support you if you want to do something your way?"

"I have not very thought of that. When I told him I was doing this interview, he flipped out. He didn't like that I am basically running against him. He works for the President."

"Do you think, if you caused a strike for women's rights, your husband would divorce you?"

"Absolutely, I would loose my kids, my money, and everything that is important to me"

"If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?"

"I would probably be in the army. I would be able to show those so called men what women could do."

"Now, are you upper class or lower class?"

"I am upper, since my husband helps the President"

"Last question, would you rather be single, or be married like today"

"I actually would stay married. I love my children. I don't know what I would do without them."

I asked a couple more personal questions and then we finished. Mae sure to look on page 25 to see more information about Women's Rights.

Women all around the world are taking a stand! More information on page 7

Help Wanted

Tailor needed- Must be skilled at sowing gowns.

Money- $40

Baker needed- Party is on the 5th of June.

Money- $20 per hour