Anigatagewi Conference


Anigatagewi Facts

  • Anigatagewi is the Cherokee name for Wild Potato Clan.
  • Potatoes are used for flour to make bread
  • We are the protectors and the keepers of the Earth

Clan Color

The clan color is green

Clan Tree

The tree for Anigatagewi is a birch tree

What We Have in Common

The Anigatagewi tribe doesn't have much in common with outsiders, but this is what we do have in common.

  • The outsiders help protect the Earth and we do too.
  • Also most outsiders want peace and we are nicknamed the white peace clan.

Anigatagewi Conference

Tuesday, April 22nd 2014 at 9pm

5700 Okefenokee Swamp Park Road

Waycross, GA

Paddle or die!

Tribal chant: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhohohohohohho POTATO