Friendship is a very important thing

lifelong friendship

Friendship is a very important thing in world. You can fall out, but you have a lifelong friendship anyway.

You can he offeneded and hurt with your close person's words worse than in any other way. Not all friends is friends.

A monkey and a tiger

I will tell a interesting story. In 2008 two white tigers were born . A disaster happened with them - hurricane destroyed the place where they lived. Mother died. When people found them, they gave the tigers to the zoo.Monkey Angela began to bring them up. They became friends.

A dog and a young deer

A mother-deer left her young deer. He was brought to the rescue centre for wild animals. Dog Rocci helped the littel deer.The dog and the young deer started their lifelong friendship.

Friends and family are very dear near peopel in your life

Friends never let you down. They are always honest, trustworthy, loyal. They cheer you up, when you have problems. Some people say that friendship is like a tree. If it finds good soil and favorable conditions it will grow and prosper.
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