Friars Big Mess Up!!!

BY: Corey Morrison

Even though Romeo could be blamed for the death of him and Juliet, it’s really Friars fault. If he never married them or gave Juliet that stupid plan then Romeo and Juliet might still be alive. Friar thought that marrying them would stop the feud but it wouldn't stop the feud because the families couldn't know about the marriage. Juliet and Romeo were so much in love they had to, "Deny thy father and refuse thy name;" (2.2.34). This is saying that Romeo and Juliet couldn't tell there parents or else they might be upset and cause worst. Or if Friar never gave her that stupid plan to fake her death then they might still be alive. Going along with her faking her death came writing a letter to Romeo but when he sent it Friar John, "Return'd my letter back" (5.3.251). This is saying that Friar Laurence sent the letter with a bird but Friar John got the letter and never took it to Romeo, Instead he sent it back to Friar Laurence. In all, nobody else should be blamed but Friar Laurence, its like he planned for it to go down this way.