History of

The Leaders of the Gestapo

Adolf Hitler became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. This is the same year that the Gestapo was formed. They were also known as the Secret Police of Germany (Prussian Police). Herman Göring was named the director of the Gestapo in 1933 by Hitler. Göring appointed Rudolf Diels as the 1st Chief of the Gestapo. In 1936, Heinrich Himmler, fought with Diels to gain Hitlers attention and become the commander of the Gestapo.

How the Gestapo got it's name

The original name of the Gestapo was, Geheime Staats Polizei. This name was really long and could not fit on a regular envelope. The postal office in Berlin, where the Gestapo was based, abbreviated the name so that it would fit on a rubber stamp. They took the first few letters of each word and created the name Gestapo (Geheime Staats Polizei). The Berlin postal office was given credit for creating the name Gestapo.

What's up with the Gestapo?

On February 10, 1936, there was a law that was passed that allowed the Gestapo to get away almost anything. They were allowed to follow and arrest anyone. They could interrogate anyone they thought was "anti-nazi", and send them off to jail or concentration camps. Some of the things they did when they interrogated someone was to beat and burn prisoners, they would near drown prisoners in bathtubs, they would shock them on their hands, feet, ears and genitalia. They also crushed mens testicles and even hung them with their hands behind their back by their wrists so their arms would be dislocated. The Gestapo also helped to massacre almost 1 million Jews during the holocaust. Another thing they did was to help find people who escaped from the concentration camps and guarded the ghettos. They even went as far as to burn books. In 1945, Hitler committed suicide and that was the end of the Gestapo.