Go Pro For Annexation Of Texas

By Emily Hammonds

Reasons to Annex

We should annex to the U.S. for multiple reasons. They have lots of money to pay off our debt, they have an army to protect us from mexico because there is no way we can win again with our army in shambles like this, plus they already hav a monetary and postal service.

Mail and money systems.

It will take even more of our money , that we don't have, to set up a mail and money system. For the money system we would have to have that much gold to back it up in the bank, we have absolutly no money or gold. Which brings us to another pro.


We are up to our ears in war debts. We borrowed so much money and dont have any to repay with. The U.S. has so much money, we can use their money to pay our debt. We won't have to make up our own money system or anything.


If you think we can deffend our selfs from Mexico after this war you must be crazy. We only won because they were in the middle of a siesta. Mexico is not respecting the treaty they signed. The U.S can make sure they do.


Another wonderful thing about the U.S. is slaves are not legel. The more slaves the more cotton, the more cotton the more money we make. We don't habe to worry about breaking the law.